Supporting our young people on their journey from childhood to responsible adulthood

                                                   Perth, West Australia

October 2018 we held our second Stepping into manhood camp, some lively spring weather greeted us on leaving day with the community gathering to see the men and boys head out on camp. 

Rites Together out on school camp with Perth Waldorf School year 10 cohort from Bibra Lake. Traveling to Ninghan Station we explored connection to self, country and community.

Community Day 

Its Saturday 18th August 2018 and we found ourselves back again at the Blue Body Retreat in Hovea for the Rites Together Community Day.

K2K Fundraiser 

Take a walk down the beautiful coastal paths in Perth and help raise some money to support young people coming on Rites Together Camps.

At Rites Together we are passionate in supporting our young people in transition. In our quest to reach a wider audience in the community, we are looking to expanding the number of camps for boys and developing camps for mothers and daughters in the future. to reach more people and communities.

The Millennial Question

Millennials in the workplace - Simon Sinek

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