Perth Waldorf School Wardagga Camp

Perth Waldorf School Wardagga Camp

Arriving at sunset we landed climbed Wardagga rock and watch the sunset and lightning, sharing stores of the land and the ancient connection of the songline. This set the tone for an incredible week of exploring the land

After settling into basecamp and a meal around the fire we settled into our first night under the stars. The first day was spend teaching skills in Primitive fire making, Mapping and creating story staffs, Tarpology and Poncho Making in preparation for the 3 and 4 day challenge quest. Evening and morning we connected in our smaller tribes and spent time setting intention and internal reflection.

Once we headed out on the challenge quest in smaller groups we explored the landscape and story of Wardagga and the surrounds, doing challenge activities and sharing as a group. Exploring the land, tracking, sensory awareness and connecting with nature through awareness activities.

We cooked on the fire and slept under the stars enjoying incredible sunsets and sunrise. The groups cooked together and ate together as community with time around the fire sharing stories and having fun.

Two nights out in our smaller groups we came back together in the full community for a final night around the fire sharing stories of our time our time our on country which took the form of Song, story, poem, play and lots of laughter.

As is often the case when we think the adventure is over there is one last twist in the tale. As most the students had settled into their sleeping bags under the stars there was a shift in energy with the horizon being taken up by a line of cloud or a huge space ship…….. either way the quick decision to get the tents was made and a frantic time settitng up and packing equiptment away followed. The line of cloud had reached us as we settled into our tents awaking to find only a few drops had fallen. Oh well at least the gear was mostly packed away making for a smooth departure.

Leaving a space like this is never easy with students saying they loved connecting with each other in such a special place.

The class returned to school with a deeper sense of connection with each other and themselves and having gained skills and insights through internal reflection a living and connecting with nature, the students expressed they enjoying this deeper connection and came back with a sense of pride in completing the week in the bush.

Rites Together is excited to be working with PWS and looking to explore opportunities with other schools if your son / daughter’s school is looking something different for their camps please put us in contact.

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