Community Day

Community Day

Only one month since the success of our Leadership Training we gathered again with existing and new leaders for a celebration of the growth of our community. We were once again surprised and excited at the turnout and enthusiasm of all who attended, and messages from those that regretted that they couldn’t come.

Our check-in went very deep, and then Reijer updated everyone on the range of initiatives Rites Together are currently progressing that includes: an update on current enrolments for the October camp, meetings with Ministers, school camps, improvements to marketing, communication and fundraising, and honouring of returned young men moving into full leadership.

After a beautiful shared lunch we had some fun exploring the Drama Triangle and how we can develop our awareness of how we, and others, might show up in our interactions on camp. We concluded a rich and productive day with discussion of the planning steps for those that want to staff our October camp.

Connection, support, learning, fun and community – tick!!

Our next community day is coming up on the 27th October and our AGM and end of year celebration day November 24th. Check our Facebook Page for more details

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