Community Celebration and Annual general Meeting 2020

Community Celebration and Annual general Meeting 2020

Only one week  since the success of our 2020 Stepping into Manhood camp  we are planing to  gather  with community members and leaders  for a celebration of the growth of our community realised in 2020. We were once again grateful  and  excited at the October  camp participants  enthusiasm and feedback and 9 awesome young men returned to their communities having been celebrated and honoured. We would also like to congratulate the 9 fathers/mentors on their rich and powerful contributions during the camp.

Friday the 27th of November is set as our end of year  community gathering and AGM. If you want an update on how Rites Together has continued to thrive in this challenging 2020 year, come along and hear what has been happening, and see where you may be able to contribute. We will conclude with a shared meal and celebration.

The meeting will be held at 25 Wilson Street Bassendean and commence at 6PM

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