RItes of Passage projects by Robert Nguyen and Jori Morrow

RItes of Passage projects by Robert Nguyen and Jori Morrow

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Recently Jori Morrow student at the Perth waldorf Steiner school attended Rites Together leadership program as part of his year 12 project on Rites of passage programs.  You can view Jori’s presentation here  ,  the presentation starts at the 43 minute mark and gives valuable contemporary insights into the importance of the programs. We like to thank Jori for his work and congratulate him on the dept and quality of his work.

The research project undertaken by Robert Nguyen, a social work student studying honours from Curtin University was  published in early December 2020. His work focuses on the benefits of the Stepping into Manhood camps to families and the greater community.

Rites Together is grateful to have him complete this extensive  body of  work he has conducted over 2020 with all the challenges of interviewing past participants.

We  would also like to express our gratitude to those participants, young men, fathers/mentors  and mothers that have made themselves available for interview.

if you want to see Robert’s presentation please click on the below link


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Robers research paper can be made availailable on request through emailing info@ritestogether.org.au

Robert is currently writing a full article for publication and we will make this available once it comes to hand.

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